Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa


On Monday March13th my class and I went to Camp Kaitawa for a whole week, it was fun.

Monday - I go to school then I went to the courts and there were lots of people from my class, we seen a lot of food.  A little while after I got to school, we had to go to camp. Miss Hill was driving us, there were ten people in the van.  They were Riley CT, Me, Sage, Marshall, Jerome D, Leo, Sky, Ashle S, Vaughn and Jack F. It took us three hours to get to camp and our first stop was at the BP in Bay-view. The adults grabbed a coffee each. The next stop was at Wairoa to have morning tea. One hour later - we finally got to camp. We unpacked our stuff then we got shown around the place and then we had lunch. For lunch, we had the rest of the things  that was in our lunchbox. After lunch we went for a walk down to the pipeline and it was such a long way but it was fun. Then we went to Lake Kiriopukae, after we went rock hopping and we did a lot of hopping!  We went all the way round the whole of Lake Waikaremoana (not quite) and it was very very fun.

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  1. weldone i like how you said who was in the van with you great job:)